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Apr 13, 2017
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Reliability is vital in a product, especially when it comes to Mass Spectrometry. With reliability comes all manner of advantages to the workplace, such as higher levels of productivity, and greater quality of results with far less margin for error. A laboratory needs confidence that correct information is being provided at all times, and AMETEK-Dycor products have the lineup to offer excellent, reliable results all of the time.

AMETEK-Dycor offer a range of products intended to work within Low to Ultra High Vacuum environments. For instance, the Dycor LC-D series Residual Gas Analyzer which offers a value analyser which doesn’t let you down in terms of quality or efficiency, to more specific solutions such as the DyMaxion Enclosed Ion Source Analyzer, which is an enclosed source instrument designed for CVD processes, and gas analysis – where the sample is near or above atmospheric pressure.


The DyMaxion Enclosed Ion Source Analyzer eliminates ion-molecule reactions which occur when reactive gases are introduced at high pressures. This specialisation is delivered with increased sensitivity and decreased background noise at system pressures – alongside PPB level detectability.  


The DyMaxcion Enclosed Ion Source Gas Analyzer offers increased sensitivity and decreased background noise, thanks to its unique Ionizer design. This analyser has the capacity to generate higher sample pressures, which means that greater numbers of neutrals and more samples to ionize. Furthermore, signal strength varies with varying samples of density. The DyMaxion Enclosed Ion Gas Analyzer achieves this by confining samples with small ionization volumes, which are then bombarded with electrons.


Another AMETEK product of great note is the DyMaxionRGA, which is a smart sensor residual gas analyser. Featuring the simplest design and the least cost of all of the ionizers that AMETEK-Dycor provide, the DyMaxionRGA can be inserted directly into high vacuum chambers, which of course places the ionizer directly in the sample gas – meaning that sensitivity is increased.


AMETEK-Dycor have an excellent range of reliable products which can deliver accurate results and great performance. Scanwel Ltd, based in Wales, are AMETEK-Dycor distributors within the UK and Ireland, and can assist you in getting your perfect solution – whether it’s upgrades or replacements.  

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