Flexible Heating Jackets Supplied From Wales

Sep 25, 2017
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flexible heating jacket

Flexible heating jackets have become highly popular in recent years with the advent of the RGA. Residual Gas Analyzers were originally classed as research instruments but recent developments over the past decade in the RGA field have ensured that residual gas analyzers are very much production tools in their own right. No self-respecting industrial environment or laboratory would consider not employing the benefits of a RGA, given the myriad benefits of such, means that a production or scientific environment sacrifices both hours, and production.


With the widespread usage of RGA, flexible heating jackets are also coming into their own for their usage in three major things which dramatically increase the performance of the RGA, the quality and the yield of the product.


Initially, flexible heating jackets are used within manufacturing environments to ensure that heat is not lost throughout production. It manages to do with in a rather crude (but effective) manner by trapping heat inside. Where most would ponder the differences between these flexible heating jackets and any other fabric, flexible heating jackets have the advantage that they can be custom made in order to properly work with a large variety of laboratory or industrial equipment.


Laboratory equipment can be covered in valves, and when you consider the fact that no lab or manufacturing setting is really truly the same, ensuring that your flexible heating jacket covers where it is needed perfectly is vitally important as the smallest gap can interfere with high temperatures.


The secondary usage of flexible heating jackets is to keep all areas of a surface a regulated temperature. Bakeout heating jackets are covered in small sensors which operate independently of each other and can give inclination of which parts of a machine are not as hot as others, as well as alert the operator to small temperature fluctuations which are responsible for product variation and even defects.


The usage of a good flexible heater jacket can save manufacturing, industrial and scientific environments from decreased production and purity, and truly allow them to get the very most out of every single process.


The tertiary use of flexible heating jackets is in vacuum and ultra high vacuum applications. When a vacuum or ultra high vacuum is subjected to atmospheric pressure, it is highly recommended that a bakeout is performed to allow the system to be properly purged on a cellular level from the interference of background gases.


All-in-all, flexible heating jackets are important to allow the optimal return for your efforts, and they can be supplied from Scanwel, in Wales. Scanwel are a company which are very well respected in the surface science field for their unique custom fabrications, as well as their arrangements with worldwide manufacturers to provide tools suited for industry, science and academia.

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