The Benefits of Concrete Track Sawing

Jul 23, 2018
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concrete track sawing london

Concrete Track Sawing in London and beyond is a tried and tested method of which to get an accurate and precise cut for all manner of things, such as doorways, windows, lift-shaft openings and can even be utilised to reduce wall heights. All in all, the aid of a specialist company is required in order to take advantage of this- and rightly so. It’s no easy task.


Concrete Track Sawing is not an amateurish activity and, like most concrete activities, do require a certain level of training in order to use properly and safely. The advantage for the client is that with concrete track sawing, they will achieve a more precise cut which carries with it less risks of error, and therefore less chance that significant reworks will be required at a later stage.


Also of major note, and a large reason why clients elect for concrete track sawing over other methods, is that a cleaner cut means that the integrity of the concrete is preserved in a better way.


Concrete is a compound structure, and generally the less knocks, cuts, and impact that it takes mean that the concrete itself is more robust, and will last longer. Concrete Track Sawing is one process, and allows the concrete to be cut in a very specific way with no recuts and no alterations to be required.


Concrete track sawing works exactly as the name might imply. On a flat, surface of concrete, a track is drawn out, and a saw will follow this track, cutting as it goes. A single operator is required for concrete track sawing. The operator has a control panel, and constantly checks the work in hand in order to ensure quality and precision.


Another reason for using concrete track sawing is that it’s generally a lot cheaper than more conventional (and quite frankly, outdated) methods. Knowledgeable contractors swear by diamond drilling because it by far reduces cost via the virtue that it gets the job done well on the first try, and alterations and recuts are not needed with diamond drills.


Concrete track sawing utilises diamond drilling in order to get an accurate, precise cut with no need to recut or rework.     

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