Brexit Doesn’t Mean Your Business Can’t Expand

Jan 3, 2018
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With all of the horror stories and scare pieces in the media about how Brexit is going to weaken the UK and destroy the economy beyond repair, you could be forgiven for thinking that the time is not right to expand your business. While indeed, quite a few things are going to change as a result of Brexit, the thought of stopping your business from growing as it should (and may need to) because people from other countries are not prepared to invest in anything British is a very bad idea. Nothing could be further from the truth –  international investment is still a very viable thing for British businesses.


If anything, there is a lot of benefit in partnering with European companies for British ones as well, and savvy companies would do well to look beyond the borders of the UK and to international investors throughout the EU and even further afield in order to help their businesses grow.


There are a number of good accountants and business advisors in North Wales which can help your business get out there – providing that now is the right time, with a number of services such as grants and fundraising North Wales, as well as due diligence and bank negotiations.


While indeed the British economic future indeed does look uncertain, the scare stories the media seems fit to spout are not an accurate analysis of life in the UK after Brexit. Far from the horrorscape which is being portrayed, Britain looks largely the same, and Brexit doesn’t really mean that the rest of the world is going to shun us in matters of business.


The recent Forbes ranking of Best Countries to Do Business puts the UK in the top position, for instance. If it is time for your business to grow, then do what’s right for it – with the advice of a good chartered accountant and not the sensationalised apocalypse warnings from sources ranging from tabloid newspapers to social media feeds.


Like everything else, what your business is going to be doing in a few years depends on your matter of perspective. You might consider that a weak pound means that importers are currently struggling, but with that considered, exporters are enjoying far increased business due to the fact that we’re far more competitive than we were this time two years ago, and a small business boom has been touted, as well.


The age of Britain being an exporting hub all but vanished with the gutting of the British automation industry and the British steel industry, but the country could very well rise again as an exporting powerhouse due to these circumstances. Whatever Brexit brings, underneath all of the hysteria, you can be confident that the services of a good accountant in North Wales can help your business with whatever is around the corner as well as assist you in making decisions which can help your business grow and flourish, even in uncertain times.

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