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Aug 16, 2017
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Buying an item online is something which even in 2017 has people divided. While it may be completely normal for people to buy small and inexpensive things online, more expensive items such as wood burning stoves and other investments might seem a little too much. Not being able to see an item can make online shopping advocates pale a little – especially when you consider that for all of the long-term cost saving and the utility of a wood burning stove, initially they’re quite pricey things.

On the other hand, buying online has a massive plus. If you live in an area without a good stove store, then it can often feel that you don’t have a choice in your buy. A few brands such as Charnwood wood burning stoves or Aarrow wood burning stoves may be completely out of your reach should you remain with a single stove provider, and of course going to large-scale DIY stores will likely result in an off-branded purchase you immediately regret.

It has to be right- A wood burning stove is an investment for your home after all – and your home deserves the very best. It deserves your first choice, not your second or your third. Our guide will allow you to shop online in confidence.


Retailer Reputation is Imperative

When you’re looking for a wood burning stove online, the shop’s reputation is absolutely paramount. Given the rise of social media, review sites, and the fact that it’s truly never been easier to get in touch with a store (or at the very least, warn others) the days of retailers selling non-existent products and cutting off with your money are all but over.

Saying that, it does happen – albeit rarely. Thankfully, a reputation has never been easier to check. It’s very hard to fabricate a reputation that spans back over a number of years – and choosing a retailer with a longstanding presence on sites such as Trustpilot is a good exercise.


Make Sure You’re Aware of The Returns Policy

Should the stove of your dreams turn out to be a bust (or even if you were torn between multiple stoves, made a decision and come to regret it) you can find yourself in pretty hot water should the seller not accept returns. It’s prudent to make sure that with your chosen seller, the returns policy is specified very clearly on their website. Most retailers will be more than happy to refund the full sale price if the stove should you return it back to them within a certain elapsed period of days – though not all do.

A very common misconception among British consumers is that stores of all description have to offer an exchange or refund policy. This, believe it or not, absolutely isn’t true. Online shopping is generally as safe as houses, but it can be an excellent boost to your own peace of mind to check.

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