Why Chartering a Yacht is the Smart Move

Aug 22, 2018
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I used to own a yacht, but I got incredibly frustrated with the fact that I could only use it where I was anchored unless I wanted to sail it on a cross-ocean voyage – which is not feasible for me. However I love chartering yachts in new locations all over the world, whether it’s in Mexico, North Wales, the Maldives, or the Caribbean.

Yacht Charter made all this possible for me and more.

It all started with a bit of research.

I saw that chartering yachts would mean that I would be able to live my travel dreams with minimum commitment – ideal for a travelling businessman such as myself.

By using websites such as European yacht charter, I was able to locate any size of charter yacht, at any location in the world. It works just like Airbnb or any other online booking website. Easy to search and navigate and before I knew it I was receiving the keys from a nice gentleman and about to sail along the coast of Cornwall! Exciting times.

It wasn’t long after where I decided I actually enjoyed the freedom (and financial benefit) of merely chartering a yacht, and decided to sell my own yacht.

What’s the right thing for you?

Of Course, it does depend on your particular situation – for example, if you are planning on LIVING on a yacht then, of course, you will need to purchase your own yacht.

Yachts to buy are incredibly expensive, and when you move around too much it makes it impractical to take the plunge to choose one.

Renting a yacht means that you can just make use of a yacht for the time that you have free, rather than paying for ALL of the time.

Of Course let’s not forget that If I am looking to go away on my yacht by myself or with my partner then we will only need a small yacht – however if we’re inviting the whole family out (complete with cousins, nephews, uncles, nieces, aunties and grandma) then we need to shell out for the bigger ones. The freedom to do that on a totally pro-rata basis is awesome.

So if you, like me need freedom for your plans to take any shape or form try using yacht charter instead of buying.

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