Corporate Awards

Dec 20, 2011
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Corporate Awards are a great way to show your appreciation and show recognition to the efforts of your employees corporate awardsas well as motivating other employees to improve their productivity and help your business grow from strength to strength.

Their area a wide range of corporate awards that are given at awards ceremonies however some of the more popular types of awards include trophies, usually engraved trophies, gifts, spas, days and tickets.

Trophies are probably one of the most popular types of awards given as they are a good representation of success and something you can put on your mantle piece or display cabinet for all to see.  Trophies are normally engraved or hold a plaque with the name of the recipient and details of the award.  The trophy can be small or large, cheap or expensive and can be made from a variety of things including metal, wood and plastic. Some of the more expensive trophies are made out of glass and crystal and for some of the popular worldwide sporting events like the Olympics for example the sporting awards trophies are made out of silver and gold.

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