Custom Vacuum Fabrications For Your Projects

Jul 12, 2018
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What’s the most important thing about the company you seek to make your custom vacuum fabrication? Whether you’re in an industrial environment or an academic one, there are certain things that you will expect from outsourcing the manufacture of your custom fabrications from a specialist company.

The first, and the most important, is the quality of the custom fabrication itself. Quality is something which is determined by very many factors, such as the correct choice of materials to ensure vacuum compatibility, best practise in design and sutiability in function, and competent machining to name but a very few things.


There’s one UK based custom fabrication specialist which can deliver all this, and so much more. When you need a custom fabrication, there’s only one company which should spring to mind. Scanwel is a custom fabrication specialist company which creates custom fabrications for ultra-high vacuum applications, and has built itself an excellent reputation over the years for their flexibility- as well as their precision and high standard of work.


When you have a custom fabrication created through Scanwel, you can be assured that your fabrication will be created in a vacuum environment. It will be created while in cleanroom assembly. Furthermore, your fitting is manufactured to very exacting standards – with a choice of materials which is both practical and comprehensive.


Flexibility is key – Scanwel are a company which can create CAD drawings based on your initial drawings, and their engineers can go through each iteration of this process with you in order to ensure that your custom fabrication is both viable, and what you intended. Even should your facilities only be those of hand-drawn drawings, Scanwel will work with you to ensure that your vision comes to life. Better yet – after they’re signed off, they will only work on the product with your approval.


Whether your custom fabrication is as simple as a bespoke adapter or as intricate as a custom deposition chamber, Scanwel can manufacture it in a timely, precise and cost effective manner, with all manner of features as your drawing specifies.


Even custom components are of little issue for Scanwel, their experience in custom fabrication is not something which is very easily replicated by their competitors, and as a result Scanwel have earned themselves a stellar reputation for the manufacture of custom fabrications over well over 50 years.

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