Dog Clothes as Gifts

Sep 12, 2016
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Everybody knows the difficulty of buying gifts for friends, especially when it comes to clothes! A great alternative to consider, is buying dog clothesdog clothes for your friends pet. It’s such a simple gift to buy you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before, especially as it’ll bring smiles all round.

Shopping for dog clothing s is like clothes shopping for babies, unless you’re looking for practical clothing, it’s all about cuteness.  Choices for dog clothes include t-shirts, jumpers, dog coats, hoodies and much more. There’s also special costumes made for parties and holidays.

There are many extra dog accessories to choose from as well, like designer dog collars or a cool pair of sun glasses, in fact, a pair of “doggles” can help protect a dogs eyes from UV rays and particles in the air.

Dogs can sometimes look hilarious in silly outfits; there are some brilliant ones which are perfect for good fun, such as Darth Vader or Batman costumes.

You must remember a couple of simple rules though, like avoiding buying anything that could pose a risk to choking or getting stuck in the dog’s digestive tract.

Another rule is to remember to get dog clothes that will fit the dog properly. A proper fit for a dog requires measuring from a dog’s collar to the base of their tail for length. Most garments can be adjusted with Velcro tabs but can be an issue for barrel-chested breeds like bulldogs. Try to get the right size for a dog so they’re not uncomfortable! The dog should never be miserable wearing an outfit!

Make sure to choose wisely, whether you want to buy a costume like a Harley jacket or other funny costumes, or something pink and fluffy.

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