Dye Sublimation

Sublimation Printing is the process of transferring photographs and full colour graphics onto items.  These can include anything from metal, glass, ceramics and unisub products. These types of products are pre-coated therefore sublimation receptive. Other products that can be used for sublimation printing include certain synthetic fabrics such as T-shirts, jigsaws puzzles and mousemoats and more.

The process of Dye Sublimation Printing from Nova Chrome starts with designing your artwork on your PC using any kind of graphics software such as Photoshop. The printer is then loaded with sublimation ink then you can print onto Epson photo quality 720 dpi paper.   A heat press is then used to transfer the image to the end product.

Using head and pressure the inks are then converted from solid to a gas and then penetrated into the surface of the item. Sublimation Printing gives a more durable finish compared to other transfer methods where the image is only applied to the surface.

The process of this style of printing is quick and easy and the equipment used is very compact and requires minimal working space. You can print as few prints as you like, even printing ‘one offs’ if you wish, short runs or multiples to suit your individual requirements.

The end results of this type of printing are vibrant, realistic and durable.