FAQs: TV Aerials

Jun 10, 2020
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Here is a selection of frequently asked questions related to aerials. This may help you with any issues you are currently facing with your TV Aerials Llandudno. For a more detailed explanation, it may be best to speak to your local aerial installer. 


Since the digital switchover, my picture has not been as good, why?


When the digital switchover happened, the strength of TV signals were actually raised, but the frequency of some channels were changed. This means that there are two possible reasons why you may be experiencing a lower quality picture. 


Firstly, you should check if your aerial needs realigning, or if you have an amplifier in your system which is actually making your signal too strong for the technology


How many TV’s can connect to one aerial?


Pretty much as many as you would like to. If you have 4 TV’s in your property but do not have enough signal, you will just need a 4-way amplifier and run all the cables from that. 


If you don’t need an amplifier then it’s best to avoid them, as they can add noise and interfere with the signal. Most aerials can feed multiple TVs fine. 


Do aerials have to be fitted outside my house?


No, aerials can be fitted internally if there is enough signal strength to get through to it. Most TV aerials have just been fitted externally to receive the best signal. 


My aerial has fallen off the bracket on the chimney, will I still get a decent signal?


If your aerial is still facing the direction of the transmitter, you will still receive an ok signal. It is advisable to call out your aerial engineers to re-attach it to your chimney as it could potentially become damaged in bad weather conditions.


My picture is breaking up, is this a fault with my aerial?


Most of the time this is the aerials fault. It could be down to the placement, where it is pointing, and other things blocking the signal. Sometimes it can actually just be a tuner problem with your digital TV or box. 


I have re-tuned my channels but have the wrong region, why?


Your TV will be picking up a signal from an alternate transmitter as the original channel frequencies have changed. Some transmitters are very close together, and the only option you have may be to change to an aerial with lower bandwidth.  

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