How Important is it to Service Your Car?

Sep 28, 2016
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engine-606644_960_720Car Servicing Llandudno can help you with a fully comprehensive solution from changing your fluids and parts right down to a wash. However, many of us think servicing our cars is still somewhat of a luxury (or an inconvenience) and push it as long as we can before we ‘treat’ our cars to one. The truth is that a service is completely necessary and here are the reasons why.

Your MOT is not like a service

When you take your car in for an MOT, it is being tested on its technical ability to for operate safely whilst your service will maintain all the parts and fluids it uses in order to operate. It’s easy to forget that your car needs regular maintenance throughout the year apart from its yearly test.

Can I do it myself?

If you have a newer car in particular, you’ll be working with a much more advanced, possibly even computerised machine which demands experience and precision. Even if you’re perfectly able to carry out a basic oil change, you might require specialist tools to either full gain access the components or to avoid damage. It is always best to leave it to a qualified professional who has the necessary experience to carry out the work correctly. When working with tyres in particular, failing to spot any tears or scrapes could be critical to driver safety.

Can a service save you money?

A car that doesn’t have a clean air filter nor has dirty oil is going to have to work much harder than a clean, smooth running car and will consume the fuel to do so.  Not only that, but an unserviced vehicle has a shorter lifespan with likelihood of component failure.   

Will not servicing my car affect my insurance claim?

Yes it will. Should your car be involved in a ‘total loss’ accident its pre-accident value could be lower than expected if you don’t service your car. Insurance companies take your service history into account when estimating the value of your car which means you could lose out should the worst happen to your car.

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