Hydrostatic Testing Facilities

Apr 27, 2011
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Buckley Industrial has developed one of the most advanced Hydrostatic Testing Facilities available.  They have fully hydrostatic testingequipped custom built test rigs with highly sensitive and advanced computer aided tracking equipment that is able to detect the smallest of leaks and defects in flexible hose assemblies.

It is important that hoses are tested for various reasons such as loss of productivity due to unforeseen outages; this could work out very costly to a company if production was lost for a long period.  A burst hose can also be a risk to persona health and safety along with environmental issues with unwanted emissions.

Buckley Industrial believes that preventative testing will virtually help eliminate any horrible surprises, allowing their clients to manage planned maintenance so that they can maximise their production time.

Find out more info on the Buckley Industrial site at: buckley-industrial.co.uk

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