LEDs Are Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Nov 27, 2014
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Green LED Rope LightsIt is wall to wall LED strip lights and LED rope lights in John Lewis, Debenhams and pretty much every other department store you can think of. Why, because Christmas is drawing in soon of course but the average person needs to change their perception of LED lighting because it is not just for Christmas anymore.
LEDs like the popular LED strip lights may have become the modern new fad for decorations but the reasons they have ousted traditional bulbs in the Christmas market are the same reason we should be using them in far more widespread applications.
LEDs, particularly LED strip lights make beautiful Christmas lights but they are probably far more suited to more practical purposes such as lighting our homes, streets and large scale commercial projects and offices.
Despite LEDs being pretty in little rows of Christmas lights they are rather small and by their nature there is directional so if you want to use them for outdoor lights you tend to need more of them to get the same effect as glass Christmas light bulbs but every store now only stock LEDs for Christmas because they are safer, more environmentally friendly and last longer.
They do not smash as glass bulbs do, need replacing all the time, over heat and blow causing fires and they consume much less electricity. This means they are far better as every day overhead lighting in all sorts of applications. Their directional light means no excess light pollution but a strong clear beam where it is required so they would make superior street lights.
They can fitted almost anywhere with no need for a lighting fixture and come in so many more shades than traditional bulbs making them perfect for both home and commercial use. Their lower energy consumption also makes them a good long term choice on energy costs and for the planet.
Their white light has been proved to have more similar effect to natural light in tackling SAD (seasonal depression), this would make it a huge benefit in office. Many are already starting to realise this and high quality, advanced LED lighting solutions are becoming more readily available. Contact LED Illuminations to get help with your LED lighting design ideas or purchase LED strip lights.

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