Moving Home Myths

Feb 7, 2020
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You’re not the first person to experience all the stresses that come with moving home – and you certainly won’t be the last! With lots of information out there on the do’s and don’t of moving, it can be hard to determine who to listen to. The best place to start with advice would be family and friends as well as reputable removal companies North Wales who should be able to give you a clear indication of what is involved with your move.

Along the way you are likely to encounter a few common myths along the way and there are a few that have been floating around for some time now, and are often seen to be “tips” on how to move home. Find out some of the common myths for yourself – helping you to move as effortlessly as possible.

Save Money – Don’t Hire A Removal Company

This is very popular myth that you’ll see time and time again. People think they can save a little bit of money by avoiding hiring a removal company altogether, however, you are likely to save money by hiring one!

Moving home is expensive, especially when it comes to solicitors fees before moving in to your new home, so saving money where you can is you ultimate goal. However, if you are planning a self-move you will still need to account for a moving vehicle, petrol and even taking the time off of work to do so. However, by hiring a removal company to handle everything for you, you can actually save money – especially if you don’t hire a van big enough!

Friday Is The Best Day To Move

A lot of people think that Friday is the best day to move on – you don’t have to take a lot of time off of work and it’s convenient for the whole family. However, you will often find it impossible to find a removal date that lands on a Friday as many others share the same opinion. It can also be a lot more expensive if you choose a Friday due to the demand too. The best day to probably move on, if you are looking to save money, would be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – it is also likely that these days will be free if you need to move last minute.

Pack Weeks In Advance

It takes a long time to pack and a lot of people think that by packing weeks in advance they can minimise their stress before the move. Whilst it is important to make sure you have everything in order – packing too far in advance can actually cause a lot more hassle.

Packing items that you don’t need every day is really a no-brainer but packing items that you use typically everyday – or weekly – is a common mistake new homeowners make. Make sure when you are packing to also label your boxes so if you do happen to need something you have packed away you can easily locate it.

Home Surveys Waste Money

When buying a property, it is important to know what condition it is in – that doesn’t just mean from what you can see. It is important to know when securing a mortgage and also so you can judge any maintenance that will need to be done in the future.

A survey – which is a one-off cost that can save you thousands in the future – not having one is a silly mistake a lot of people make when buying property. In some cases, if issues are identified the sellers will knock money off the price so that you can sort it or they will sort the issues before you move in.

So, before you think you will save a bit of money by cutting corners – think again!

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