Nanonis SPM Controllers – Superior Functionality and Adaptation

Jul 25, 2017
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What does your laboratory look for in a Retrofittable SPM control system? For many laboratories on a worldwide basis, the idea of being able to adapt STM and AFM to SPM as needed is absolutely vital for the efficient running of the day-to-day. Customisation is also absolutely imperative. In today’s extremely demanding laboratory environment, scientists look to a controller which can adapt, to include all manner of experimentation. Therefore, it falls to a manufacturer to provide a robust controller system which is capable of adapting, and breaking from the niche which most are known for.


Nanonis take on this challenge headfirst with its fantastic product line, which includes retrofittable SPM which can offers STM and AFM users a comfortable conversion. Furthermore, Nanonis’ range of oscillation controllers and quantum transport measurement systems is beyond par – and the fact that all major manufacturers’ offerings is compatible is the icing on the cake for most laboratories.


Whether your laboratory is looking for a simple base package (and the word “base” is not to be taken at face value – the Nanonis base package offers all of the functions which are required for fundamental SPM applications, with both STM and even contact mode AFM) the Nanonis product is perfect for what you have in mind.


Whether you’re looking for a signal conditioning solution, or even AD/DA conversion to FPGA, the Nanonis Base package provides a good, hardy framework which can be adapted and extended with a wide range of add on modules. Essentially, this piece of kit is intended to grow with your laboratory, and absolutely every single challenge to come.


Nanonis’ range of oscillation controllers is of major note, as well. With dynamic and multifrequency AFM, the z-feedback regulates every signal coming from the resonator, with a variety of imaging modes. Whether your tests require the usage of non-contact AFM, or perhaps even only intermittent contacts, phase imaging or simply dissipation, the Nanonis oscillation controller offers a fantastic solution for your needs.


Nanonis is one of the biggest and brightest names in surface science, and Scanwel in Bala are the UK distributors of this fantastic product. Inquire today to learn more about these fantastic inventions, and increase efficiency with your work.  

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