How to Be Safe on Scaffolding in the Rain

Jul 1, 2021
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The key reason that builders and homeowners choose to have scaffolding installed on their sites and properties is to enhance their safety efforts. It can be used to stretch the length of a home or development, so you can access the structure easy at different heights. 

Even though scaffolding north wales is pretty much crucial for a lot of construction projects, there are still going to be some builders who doubt its safety in the rain – and we understand why you feel this way! It is a natural reaction to be scared of slipping in such conditions.

We have some tips to help you feel more confident and extra safe when using scaffolding in rainy weather:


Using Scaffolding in the Rain


  • Check the Ground

There is a chance that the ground the scaffolding is erected on is going to weaken after a heavy spell of rain, such as a lawn or muddy ground. The softer this land becomes, the more likely the feet of the scaffolding will sink into the ground and become unsafe. 

Avoid this issue by supporting each of the scaffoldings feet with something strong – such as planks of wood. This will stop them from sinking on wet ground. 


  • Climb the Scaffolding with Care

Even if you’re in rush to get to work before the rain comes, you must remember to remain safe when climbing the scaffolding. Roofers Llandudno will need to do this throughout the day, numerous times, so there is a great amount of risk involved. 

The rungs of scaffolding can become slippery during wet weather, creating slipping hazards. If you want to stay safe, you need to climb careful and slowly, only lifting your second food when the first one is secure. Make sure you always have three points of contact on the scaffolding. 


  • Turn the Planks

If you have used a decent scaffolding company, you shouldn’t need to worry about the integrity or performance of the planks. However, you could turn these upsides down if you feel they have become too wet and slippery. 

You’ll only generally need to do this after several hours of rain and you feel the grip going. In addition to this, ensure you are wearing workwear standard, non-slip boots to ensure your safety even further. 


If you follow all these tips, then working on scaffolding in the rain shouldn’t be an issue. 

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