The SPECs EnviroESCA – Market Leading Electron Spectroscopy

Jul 11, 2017
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X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy is a method which is widely known as being powerful. Wide-ranging and absolutely non-destructive, and affords precise and reproducible quantification of trace signals. XPS, essentially, has helped to answer some rather important questions in fundamental, applied and surface science.  SPECs EnviroESCA is SPECs ESCA System and a rather revolutionary product from SPECs which expands the horizons of X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) in a significant way, by being able to harness the environment around the a sample as well as the sample itself.  


The EnviroESCA is absolutely breakthrough with the regard that it can open up study of water and aqueous regents to UHV conditions. The EnviroESCA is perfectly capable of opening up this field of applications, brand new discovery and brand new possibility, where absolutely nothing else can. Furthermore, gaseous and liquid environments (and of course their interactions) can be investigated by the EnviroESCA at contact – allowing examination of substances such as salt water, acidic rain, wastewater and of course gaseous atmospheres in high humidity.


The EnviroESCA’s applications are more than double that of absolutely any other XPS solution on the market, and this product finds itself in a unique position to offer so much to very many fields of study. Numerous EnviroESCAs have been used to create sample environments which realistically simulate conditions such as those on the planet Mars, which enables scientists, Astrochemists and Astrobiologists to practise this absolutely vital field of research.


On earth, EnviroESCA also finds application in so many fields. Whether it is the research of liquids, biological materials, archaeology and archaeometry, the cosmetic sciences, the creation of polymers and plastics, medical and biomaterial research, pharmaceutical research or food science, the SPECs EnviroESCA is breaking barriers and paving the way toward new discoveries on a daily basis.


The SPECs EnviroESCA is a staple product already, and supply is limited to Scanwel, SPECs’ UK distributor. Contact Scanwel or visit their website in order to learn more about this absolutely revolutionary machine.  

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