The Statistics Behind Tackling Climate Change

Oct 26, 2017
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led lightingClimate change is a massive problem in modern life, and a lot of resources and energy have gone into tackling the problem on an international scale. While more and more reports pile up showing the very real problems which exist with the way that human beings are changing the planet as a result of their presence, industries such as LED Lighting have presented clear, effective plans to reduce carbon emissions – a large contributor to global warming. Varying governments have committed to adapting LED technology such as energy efficient LED Rope Lights and Zero carbon LED Strip Lights in all public lighting, and some countries such as India have gone further with this, pledging a 100% LED country in years to come.


But how much benefit can actually be squeezed out of adapting to new technologies? LED Lighting is an excellent option. LED based lighting projects have become far more economically attractive in recent years due to the fact that companies have perfected the process, making LED Lighting cheaper than ever before to manufacture, produce, and purchase. Quality standards with LED Lighting have risen exponentially in addition. Furthermore, renewable energy sources such as electricity from solar panels has fallen by 50% in 10 years – and an independent study by the Future of Construction indicated that the price is set to fall another 50% by 2020.


Running this new power through existing infrastructure has always been considered a viable task by construction firms and architects alike – due to the fact that loss of transmission and distribution ultimately reduces pressure on the electricity grid. Hypothetically, the amount of investment required for new electrical projects would also be reduced by far margin due to the improvements to power sources.


Figures obtained by the Future of Construction also found that existing buildings consume around 40% of energy, and spit out 1/3 of the earth’s total carbon dioxide emissions. The implementation of LED Lighting is a proactive choice for 0% carbon dioxide output, and stands to majorly impact the climate change figures in years to come – which is a must for all businesses to remember in their efforts.  

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