Tips for a Healthy Smile

Jun 9, 2020
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Oral health is crucial for your overall health and general quality of life. Having a healthy mouth enables you to have good nutrition and feel clean and comfortable. When your oral health begins to fall, this can help indicate a problem elsewhere.

Dentists North Wales can work with you to make sure that your oral health, and the routine you follow keeps you smiling a healthy smile for the rest of your life. 


Ten tips for oral health:



  • Brush your teeth twice a day minimum.



Make sure you are doing this for a full two minutes each time, and are using a toothpaste which contains fluoride. An electric toothbrush is also preferred. 



  • Change your brush regularly. 



An old and worn down toothbrush isn’t going to do the job properly. Make sure you are replacing toothbrush heads on electric brushes, or replacing the full brush with manual ones every two or three months. 



  • Floss!



Using floss or interdental brushes is important to clean in between your teeth. You need to do this with at least one of your brushes per day, and don’t miss out the back teeth. 



  • Clean your teeth before you eat breakfast. 



Eating acidic food and drinks before you brush your teeth is damaging. The enamel will become softened from this, and the brushing will wear away at it. Over time, this weakened enamel will become more prone to developing cavities, sensitivity, and staining. 


You should wait at least 30 minutes after eating to brush your teeth – you can use a mouthwash in the meantime. 



  • Cut down your sugar intake. 



Be mindful about the amount of sugar that is in your diet, as this plays havoc with your teeth. It’s also not just about the volume of sugary food you eat, it’s about the frequency. A little sugar here and there might even be worse than it in one go, as the sugar will constantly be on your teeth. 


Constantly eating sugar will leave the enamel softened and will leave your teeth at risk of acidic erosion. 



  • Make regular trips to your dentist. 



Have a dentist check over your teeth at least once every 6-12 months, and attend if you have any oral issues. 



  • Visit your hygienist. 



Your hygienist will help you by removing stains on your teeth, and build up of plaque. This will brighten your overall smile, treat the start of gum disease, and stop you from developing bad breath. 



  • Clean your tongue. 



Bacteria can build up on your tongue and affect your overall oral health, so don’t skip this!



  • Replace missing teeth.



This will help to prevent decay and movement of your other teeth. Implant and bridges are a popular choice – they can restore your mouth’s normal function and will make your smile look natural and beautiful



  • Sort out any chips. 



If you don’t get chips corrected, they can potentially develop into bigger issues. There are many ways these can get corrected including crowns and composite bonding, just ask your dentists advice on which they think is most suitable. 

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