Tips for choosing the Right Accountant in North Wales

Sep 16, 2020
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Choosing the right accountant can be a challenging task, after all this person is going to be delving into your personal finances and finding out the ins and outs of your business and exactly what kind of financial status it is in, so for this reason alone you want to make sure you choose an Accountants Llandudno firm that you can trust and rely on.

Points to consider are as follows:

  1. You should always check out the companies credentials and make sure they are legit. Don’t be shy about asking around after all you need to be able to trust the company 100%. Look into their accreditations, certifications and affiliations.  Other good areas to check out are their testimonial pages on their website; these reviews give an honest opinion from people like yourself who have used the company before.
  2. Never be mislead by expensive fess, just because a firm charges more does not necessarily mean they are any better, however a firm that has been in operating for 25 years compared to a new firm that has only been operating for 12 months will obviously have a lot more experience and will probably get the job done quicker reducing labour costs.
  3. You should always have a meeting the accountant first, after all you want to be able to communicate and feel comfortable talking to them about your financial goals etc. You should also make sure that you ask the right questions at your first meeting, it’s  a good idea to make a list before the meeting.
  4. Before picking an accountant always consider your own accounting needs. If you have a complex accounting needs you will most definitely need an accountancy firm that has a lot of experience, however if you only needs a few accountants looking over then an firm with lesser credentials will suffice. You need to match the work evenly to the firm as you don’t want to be paying more than the job is worth
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