True Depth Conversion for Petrel and Kingdom

Jul 10, 2017
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depth-conversion-softwareHaving a good quality seismic image is not quite all there is to field development, interpretation or even exploration. Well ties and reliable depth conversion with minimal uncertainty is vital, and while both geologists and geophysicists would respectively question well velocities and seismic interpretation both, both methods are ultimately flawed and could lead to workflow issues, as well as uncertainty.



Velit is a Depth conversion software package which is a plugin for both Petrel and Kingdom software, and offers a far superior workflow which, despite being very user-friendly, is rather intuitive and has an array of features which are rather powerful.



Once you’ve attained a suitable seismic image, depth conversion with Velit is a very viable method.



Whereas a common concern behind depth conversion of the fact that each method is known to have it’s own advantages and disadvantages, and more often than not a choice of method is seen as rather subjective (and of course can be compounded by time and cost constraints) Velit helps significantly by the fact that this depth conversion plugin for Petrel offers a varied choice of a number of methods, and you are free to interrogate your data by each of them – something which in 2017 is not possible using other plugins.



The ability to choose differing methods enables a geoscientist or a geophysicist to respectively cross-validate to a far greater level than in other means, and whereas normally depth conversion is compounded by a lack of confidence due to lack of well control (and the prevention of any velocity data from seismic) Velit provides a much easier means in order to do so, thanks to the Velit Wizard – and its ability to allow you to quickly see differing well velocities and structural form will impact the depth of your targets.



Velit is available for Petrel software, and is also available for IHS Kingdom, under the name of VelPAK.  

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