Velit 1.9 – A Better UI For Better Depth Conversion

Oct 18, 2017
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velit-equipoiseVelit has long since been considered industry standard depth conversion software, but the recent 1.9 version has raised the roof in terms of performance. Recent UI changes have led to increased performance all around, and the features which have made Velit so much better than other methods for Depth Conversion – such as a number of wide ranging features which, while powerful – are developed and arranged with user friendliness in mind.

Velit isn’t a program that simply just arranges things nicely, though.  For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of geophysics, Velit is a program which is loaded from IHS Kingdom (akin to any other conventional plugin) and provides many things to the user, including a library of methods and pre-loaded physics rules which can be used for a lot of “conversions” within the program.


Velit Numeric Optimisation

Numeric Optimisation in Velit is largely improved with a clear view of model properties.

The whole point of Depth Conversion in particular is to work out what exactly the ground beneath a test area is comprised of. (there are a number of different rocks which are harder to drill than others, and present different dangers than others, so full knowledge of what is underground is imperative before undertaking any sort of drilling exercise) The full intricacies on Depth Conversion can be found here, for any interested.



Getting back to the virtues of the program, Any sort of software developer, whether building a product intended for Depth Conversion, or any other purpose, should look at examples such as Velit for design guidelines.


Velit Multiple Realisations

Volumetric probability distribution functions, pill point analysus and probability of closure maps are easy to realise in Velit 1.9.

There’s no denying that Velit is a very complex little plugin, but the way of which it handles this complexity, declutters and presents it to the user in a clean, simple to use interface deserves much credit.

The program has a number of other features in addition, such as a “Wizard” which makes these complex geophysical calculations simple – allowing a user to see deviations in data before it affects calculations – as well as hastening the process magnificently.


For any software designer, the user friendly UI of Equipoise Software’s Velit (and the sister product InSeis) is the standard to attain on simple to use software which more than certainly should never, ever be considered a “lite” version.  

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