What Is The FlexMod?

May 10, 2017
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System solutions and standalone systems are an essential part of any laboratory, no matter the field of science. They’re an often overlooked but imperative part of the workplace, but saying that, they do have their limitations. Standard equipment only answers standard questions after all, and when what you’re working on is less than standard, specialist equipment is absolutely imperative. SPECS, creators of SPM Control Systems and UHV Scanning Probe Microscope tools announce the creation of the FlexMod – a solution for your working environment which is so much more to offer than standard offerings.


The FlexMod offers an excellent sample preparation area, allowing you all of the customization that analysis requires. The FlexMod is an analysis system which integrates several techniques such as thin film deposition within sample surface analysis, as well as ultrahigh vacuum environments – and can even be used in situ. How can something be so in depth but still so simple? The answer is easy – It’s modular.


The FlexMod is a wonderfully modular concept, which allows so many advantages when compared to standalone systems which are one, defined thing. With the FlexMod system, you are more than welcome to build your own FlexMod as per your need, with absolutely no compromises. The FlexMod starts out rather basic, but can very well grow to become just as complex as you need, only without any element of it that isn’t required. The beauty of a modular design, indeed.


Where the FlexMod continues to shine is the fact that individual modules can be used as standalone systems, and even combined to become multimethod system configurations.


If you’re interested in the FlexMod, we have located an excellent supplier. Welsh company Scanwel is the main distributor of SPECS Control Systems as well as SPECS surface analysis tools, and have an excellent selection of the other offerings of SPECS systems – as well as being leaders of the custom fabrications market in the UK with well over 5000 products available – including bespoke pumping configurations for the FlexMod itself.   

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