5 Factors to Consider When Positioning Your TV Aerial

Jul 6, 2022
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What’s the best place to put your TV aerial? There isn’t one answer that fits all. The positioning of your aerial depends on factors such as your physical surroundings, signal strength and environmental interference. As such, there’s no single correct way to position an aerial if you want the best quality signal possible at all times. If you still have questions about what you can do to ensure your TV signal is the best it can be, here are five key factors to consider when positioning your TV aerial installation in north wales.


1) Type of Broadcast

The type of broadcast you receive will play a role in where you need to place your aerial. If you want to receive digital terrestrial television, you will need a good view of the transmitter. If you want to receive satellite television, you will need an unobstructed view of the southern sky. If you want to receive cable television, you will need to be in close proximity to the cable company’s network.

2) The Signal Strength Metre

A signal strength metre is an important tool that you can use to determine the best place to put your TV aerial. This device will help you find the strongest signal in your area and ensure that you have a clear picture on your television.

3) The Antenna Location

The best place to put your antenna is outside and as high up as possible. This will give you the most range and the clearest signal. If you can’t put your antenna outside, try to put it in a window that faces the direction of the broadcast towers. And if you’re really stuck, you can always use a signal amplifier to boost your signal.

4) Multiple TVs

If you have multiple TVs, you’ll need to decide which is most important to you and position the aerial accordingly. If you have a main TV that you watch most often, position the aerial so that it has the clearest view of the sky. If you have a second TV that you watch occasionally, it’s not as critical to have a perfect signal. Just make sure the aerial is in a safe place where it won’t be damaged.

5) View Distance

The final factor you need to consider when positioning your TV aerial is how far away you will be viewing the television from. If you are close to the television, you won’t need as strong of a signal. However, if you are further away, you will need a stronger signal. The rule of thumb is that the further away you are, the higher up your aerial needs to be.


In conclusion, when positioning your TV aerial, you should consider the following five factors: the type of antenna you have, the type of building you live in, the number of stories in your building, any trees or other obstacles nearby, and finally, the direction your building is facing. By taking all of these into account, you can maximise your chances of getting a clear picture and strong signal.

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