7 Ways You Can Benefit From Vehicle Fleet Tracking

May 26, 2020
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There are certainly a lot of challenges when it comes to managing a fleet of vehicles – large and small. There is a lot to contend with including keeping your customers happy, your drivers safe and to keep your operations efficient. 

That’s where vehicle fleet tracking can help! 

Using new and improved technology on your fleet will ensure that you can do all the above and keep costs down. Take a look at our reasons why having vehicle fleet tracking installed on your vehicles is really a no-brainer.

Reduce Expenses and Vehicle Downtime

When we say downtime we are referring to the time in which your vehicle is left mobile and not being used for its intended purpose. By using vehicle fleet tracking you can monitor your vehicles to ensure that they stay on the road. You can also keep track of their location in real-time so you can use the most efficient routes to minimise fuel costs and unnecessary driver detours.

Save Time

As well as being able to monitor your vehicle’s location, you can also be notified about traffic ahead so you can reroute using the GPS system. This will make delivery time faster and will reduce your driver’s working hours significantly. 

By having vehicle fleet tracking installed, your deliveries are automatically tracked meaning less paperwork for your staff too!

Save Fuel

As mentioned above, a vehicle fleet tracking system will allow your fleet to be a lot more efficient which will evidently save on fuel. No longer will you need to sit in non-moving traffic again.

Efficient Routes

Being a delivery driver you will have lots of stop offs, and making these routes as efficient as possible will save time and money. A GPS tracker will be able to give you the most efficient route for your journey. This not only will save the business money but also allow you to give the most competitive prices to your customers too.

Customer Satisfaction

Everyone nowadays likes to know the journey their delivery is on and its whereabouts. Having a real-time tracker will allow your customers to know when they need to be home to receive their delivery and saves you returning the next day if they are not. Your customers will be happy and you will be saving money too!

Easy To Use

Even though a vehicle fleet tracking system does so much, they are incredibly easy to use. Fleet managers can access data from all of their fleet in one place using the relevant fleet managing software. You can even receive text alerts if you want to know if one of your vehicles is involved in an accident so you can respond quickly.

Improve Safety

Accidents can cost business, so having a vehicle fleet tracker installed allows you to ensure the safety of your drivers. It will help improve driving and help insurance companies to get accurate information at an early stage so you can save money.

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