Buying Diesel for Agricultural Purposes in North Wales

Jul 22, 2020
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diesel in wrexhamThe agricultural industry plays a large role in the North Wales economy. In order for those within the industry to make a profit, it’s essential for them that particular duties can be reclaimed.


It’s because of this that red diesel fuel exists. Red diesel is cheaper than road diesel; however it is only permitted for use within agricultural vehicles and machinery, as well as for use within the fishing, construction and forestry industries.


For red diesel in Wrexham, Quad Fuels are a privately owned oil distributors Shropshire with a strong focus on providing a reliable and quality customer service. Not only do they supply red diesel for agricultural use, they are also suppliers of Exocet fuel additives and Morris lubricants which can help improve the performance of your vehicles and machinery.


Red diesel is not entirely exempt from tax; however those who use it are able to receive a rebate. Red diesel works exactly the same as road diesel and has the same chemical structure; the only difference is that red dye has been added to differentiate them from one another.


As red diesel is not meant for use within regular vehicles, the red dye helps the police to identify whether someone has been using it illegally to fuel their car at a cheaper price. Being caught with red diesel within a normal car can pose a hefty fine.


The sulphur content within red diesel has been drastically lowered since 2011 – what was once 1000 parts per million has now been reduced to 10ppm.


The content was changed in an effort to reduce emissions, but it means that you may need to use additives within your red diesel to achieve optimum results.


Quad Fuels not only supplies red diesel, but regular road diesel too. Their team of experts with over 100 years of combined experience within the fuel industry can advise you on which fuel additives and lubricants would best suit your requirements for both commercial and agricultural use.

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