The Best Concrete Blocks Manufacturers for Architectural Masonry

Mar 20, 2014
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Architectural Masonry | Balustrades & PillarsArchitectural masonry is a little different than the manufacture of other concrete block products because it requires and attractive finish, varying colours and shapes. It often has to be manufactured to individual specifications for use in more individual building design.


When acquiring concrete for a large scale building or landscaping project be sure to choose concrete block manufacturers who are experts in architectural masonry so that you have access to plenty of choice in your materials.


Experts in architectural masonry will create their concrete blocks to offer complete exterior face finish solutions so that the blocks create a more natural and attractive appearance. Whether it’s for commercial or domestic structures the project can benefit from the rich variety in choice of architectural masonry.  Rather than basic blocks the size, surface texture, colour and even its load bearing features vary a great deal depending on what the blocks are sued for.


Fair finish blocks are an example of architectural masonry blocks that come in various colours and textures making them ideal for a wide variety of different building and landscaping projects. You can also get special blocks from specialist manufactures that have a wide variety of textures. Different textures are all the rage for many construction projects, particularly modern iconic buildings or domestic buildings.  Textured reveals and cills are extremely useful in certain projects because they can be cut, shaped and even coloured to exact specifications. These blocks easily fit together to allow for a range of appearances.


Architectural masonry are much more important for aesthetically attractive projects rather than temporary structures. You are more likely to use basic, solid, concrete lego blocks for flood control bays and car parks. When it comes to dynamic buildings that contribute to the atmosphere of a particular area then architectural masonry blocks are the way to go. Experts in architectural masonry can manufacture concrete blocks to your exact specifications for any project you might need.


Architectural masonry is much more than just concrete blocks. Smooth and unusual surfaces are more common. Balustrades and pillars are a commonly manufactured concrete product used to add isolationist and  clever design to a project. Their texture and load bearing capabilities can be altered for their specific purpose by talented manufacturers.

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