Building Contractors in North Wales in Boost for Seafront Defences

Mar 13, 2014
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high tides and windAfter the recent barrage of storms that have been battering seafronts across the region, it’s a relief to see some good news emerge from it with the announcement that building contractors in North Wales will be able to push ahead with repairs and the strengthening of coastal defences.


Many parts of the north of Wales were badly affected by the blitzing sea conditions, leading to calls for Prime Minister David Cameron to dip into national resources to try and help those areas that were worst damaged.


The county of Conwy was the worst off following the storms with there being many towns that bore the brunt of the damage after their defences weren’t able to prevent huge tides during Wales’ wettest winter on record. It will come as quite the relief to many locals then that funds are being poured into recovery efforts, creating jobs for those in civil engineering and construction in addition.


As the northern region has really been in the eye of the storm, it will come as some comfort that of the £7million+ which has been promised to aid coastal defences across the country, £5.5 million of that will go to the counties in the north.


The counties which are set to share the investment are as follows: Conwy (£3.8 million), Denbighshire (£701,000), Gwynedd (£360,000) and the Isle of Anglesey (£204,928).


National Resources Minister Alun Davies said: “We know the weather over recent months has been extreme and that coastal authorities particularly have been working hard to repair the damage and ensure that flood defences within their communities are sound.


“We are committed to supporting the repair work and I have already announced £3m this year, to allow this work to be undertaken quickly.


“This additional £4.2m is in response to applications from local authorities in which they have set out their estimated flood repair costs.


“It is specifically for the swift repair of flood defences and to help ensure the safety of people, homes and businesses in at risk areas.”


One of the places which were left badly damaged by the storms was Rhyl, a town along the coast that is famous for its attractions and tourism as hundreds of people were forced to leave their homes which were damaged and made inhospitable. The people of Aberystwyth were also called to leave their homes during the worst of the weather.


60,000 tonnes of stones will also need to be delivered back to the famous North Shore of Llandudno after storms with 6000 homes in Kimmel Bay being pledged the necessary defences to help prepare if there are more storms on this scale for the future.


It has also been announced that £5million will be necessary to keep Colwyn Bay secure, furthering on from the initial plans being released last year. The aim is to protect the rail line, the A55 motorway and also provide defences for homes and local businesses.

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