Can LED Ribbon Tape in Retail Lighting Affect Behaviour?

Mar 27, 2014
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LED Ribbon StripThose in the LED lighting industry like UK LED distributor LED Illuminations will already know that LED ribbon tape & strips are one of the most popular products. LED lighting in general is surging ahead as the new popular lighting choice for a variety of reasons.


Firstly LED lighting is more environmentally friendly than other forms of lighting. This is because it does not create as much heat as a by-product. The way other, more traditional, bulbs work is that electrons move through the filament and the friction caused by this produces heat at such a level that light is produced. This means that in most bulbs light is not the main product at all. Heat is the direct result and light is merely the by-product. Understandably this is an inefficient system but LEDs like LED ribbon tape do not work on this system. Light is their main product. Far less heat is produced so they are far more efficient. They waste far less electricity, have a longer life, cause less fires and are all round generally safer and kinder on the environment.


All these qualities make LED lighting increasingly popular but what makes LED ribbon tape exceptional for retail lighting? Some studies suggest that LED ribbon tape lighting can actually affect buying behaviour.


In the past the attitude to retail lighting has been the brighter the better. What drew attention and visibility to the products was always deemed best. It is well known that LEDs are very good at producing bright direct light but now the attitude in retail is shifting to a less is more approach so why are LEDs still a firm favourite in this industry?


LEDs like LED ribbon tape are highly diverse in the lighting effects they can create. The technology is improving all the time too. It is well know that a great deal of effort goes into researching what makes people notice and buy products in shops. Studies show that bright light is indeed valuable in shop windows because it helps the product stand out form the background better but inside shops it is a different story. Once a shopper is inside your store how do you effectively highlight certain products? Well products that are at eye height normally get the most attention. Not every single product in a shop can be at eye level so how do we draw people’s interest elsewhere. This is where LED ribbon tape becomes a firm favourite by retailers. LED ribbon tape is very effective at elegantly highlight hard to see areas because you can easily install it practically anywhere: under shelves, on the top of cabinets, inside wardrobes, under water, on mirrors. The result is that light is drawing attention to other places in your store. Normally dark, narrow areas are unappealing but you can make these areas seem attractive and inviting with the use of carefully placed LED lighting.


It is also suggested by research into buying habits that consumers are drawn not just to bright light, which can become uncomfortable for the senses, but to contrast. Using LED ribbon tape you create better contrast between light and dark and highlight key areas. LEDs are also great performers when it comes to mimicking colour temperatures and their colour rendering is high. You have a wide selection of vibrant of subtle colour changes to choose from to create suitable contrasts and elegant displays in store. It has also been noted that shoppers like light to change with the natural course of the day. Outside light changes with the time of day and our brains are evolved to this pattern. The false, bright, constant light in shops can affect us negatively and negative subconscious feelings make people buy less. Using LED ribbon tape and controllers you can adjust the light temperature and tones to accurately reflect morning, noon and evening.


All these little techniques, that LEDs allow you to manipulate, have a direct effect on how shoppers feel and therefore how they shop.

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