Concrete Lego Blocks are Versatile Building Essentials

Jun 4, 2014
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mega blocksIf you’re operating on a limited budget yet don’t want the quality of your build to suffer then perhaps concrete lego blocks are the perfect solution for you.


Much like the iconic toy brand of the same name, concrete lego blocks work by essentially locking together to achieve a rigid and fortified formation that stands the test of time. You can install them yourself but many suppliers are able to implement them as an extra service.


One of the biggest draws of using these blocks is that they do not have to be a permanent fixture. As interlocking can easily be disconnected, you can simply take the formation apart if it’s not needed or it is necessary to be taken elsewhere. It’s this kind of versatility which has made it so commonplace within flood defences. You can, of course, use cement to bind the blocks to each other more rigidly if you should so wish to as well.


In modern times, lego blocks have found plenty of popularity thanks to their cost-cutting properties and can commonly be seen across many public places. Car parks, flood control bays and security compounds often depend on lego blocks for the utmost in security with the latter being dependent on it. It’s a testament to the quality of concrete lego blocks that they are popularly used in environments where longevity is key and this is something you too could benefit from.


Mona Precast are one of the leading suppliers in concrete lego blocks and their Mona Mega Blocks are known throughout the region for being of the highest quality. By delivering and providing to businesses not just in Wales but also nationwide, Mona Precast have established themselves as one of the best at what they do. Check out their extensive product range of concrete building blocks and paving products.

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