Facts and Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Aug 4, 2020
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So, you have been told by your dentist that you need a root canal. This may bring some unsettling emotions to mind, but this is a common process and you shouldn’t be worried. Dentists North Wales can reassure you with their service for nervous patients. 


Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is necessary when there has been an infection which has travelled to the pulp of the tooth. They will need to remove any infected tissue so that your tooth will not have to be removed and the infection clears up. Many people do not like the sound of this, but this ensures that your tooth will be saved and your oral health and hygiene will be restored.


Common Myths About Root Canal


“Having a root canal is very painful”

This is a myth. When you go to the dentist to get a root canal, chances are you are already experiencing some pain due to the infection in your tooth pulp. 

Before they go ahead with the treatment, you will have a numbing injection sp that you will not feel any pain from the process. You should feel no discomfort until after the treatment when the numbing agent wears off and you experience a bruising sensation. In comparison to the pain from the infection this should be very minimal!


“Having your tooth extracted is better for your health long-term”

This again is a myth. There is no evidence which suggests that removing an infected tooth will make things better in the long-term rather than having a root canal.

The root canal process cleans the root of your tooth and gets rid of any infection. If you get your tooth extracted the infection could potentially spread to the surrounding teeth, and would therefore be less beneficial. If your infected tooth is right at the front of your mouth then an extraction could also lead to you spending more on cosmetic procedures. 


“Root canals kill your teeth”

This is a myth. In previous years, having a root canal did run the risk of killing your tooth. Thanks to modern dental techniques, this risk is no longer, and the process can be carried out whilst keeping your nerve and blood vessels intact. You will get full use of your infected tooth back to normal without any deterioration, breakages, or chipped teeth


“Root canals take ages to heal”

This is also a myth. You will experience a bruising feeling from the root canal treatment in your tooth and jaw, but you should fully recover in around a week. If after 7 days you are worried that your tooth is not healing, or you think you are getting unusual swelling or levels of discomfort, call your dentist. 

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