Faster Uncertainty Analysis in Your Depth Conversions

May 21, 2018
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depth conversion


Depth Conversion is well known as a very important step in seismic reflection, and essentially is the process which converts the time acoustic waves take to return to a measurement device. When a measurement of timing has been taken, a series of formulas and scientific methods are applied in order to turn this time into a depiction of depth. This process is quite long and rather arduous, as a series of solutions must be found in order to become a three dimensional velocity model.


Well Tops have to be identified from the depth of the geological layers which are encountered throughout the oil / gas well, velocity measurements must be applied and considered and empirical knowledge about the rock velocity should be investigated in order to derive RMS stacking velocities in order for a velocity model to truly be considered three dimensional.


Depth Conversion is not an optional process, and finding methods to increase the accuracy and the speed of depth conversions is imperative.


To this end, there are a number of plugins which can be applied to Schlumberger’s Petrel and IHS Kingdom, which allow you to use uncertainty tools which are both capable of producing a far faster result, and a more accurate one as well.


There are many things which are generally true in life. One of which is that haste makes waste, but in the case of depth conversion, Equipoise Software’s Velit plugin for IHS Kingdom and Petrel allows you to make faster uncertainty assessments, using its unique Wizard function.


The Wizard applies a series of algorithms to your data in order to properly interrogate it, at a fraction of the time of which it should take manually. You’ll be able to generate a best-case model from your data, which can be turned into a multi realisation workflow with a simple click of a button.   


Depth conversion is a process which is well known for being quite arduous, but with the right tools, you’ll be able to get far more out of your models in a much simpler fashion.

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