How to Get More People into Cycling to Work

Sep 24, 2020
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Studies have shown that cycling to work on a regular basis can almost halve your risk of heart disease or cancer. Crucially, the same study also highlighted that once it has been taken up, cycling Conwy is much easier to stick to and requires less willpower than other types of exercise. 

Making it easier for employees to cycle to work should be a priority for every single employer out there, but as we know, there are some crucial challenges in getting more people into cycling. So what can be done?

Make it Easy

Lots of employees don’t think about cycling because they don’t realise how easy it is to get affordable access to the latest equipment. Cycle to work schemes are government protected and make it easy for employees to get a bike tax-free while spreading the cost. What’s more, it’s completely free for employers and can be set up online in a few quick and easy steps.

Lead by Example

Don’t underestimate the power of the role model – senior leaders can have a huge impact on setting an example about healthier behaviours. By cycling to work and talking about how cycling is good for your health, senior leaders can play a big role in getting more employees interested in cycling to work. This is especially true for smaller businesses where people have more frequent contact with those at the top.

Start Small

Not all businesses will have the capacity to install cutting edge facilities like showers and changing rooms, but even things like installing small, mobile bike racks are a small step to giving employees more reason to take up cycling. Some companies even incentivise cycling to work by rewarding employees with extra holiday once they have completed a certain number of journeys or miles. Look around at what others are doing and see what you could model successfully in your own business.

Open Discussion

Word of mouth is a powerful factor in helping increase interest in cycling and getting more people to give it a try. Employers, especially smaller businesses, can help these conversations by hosting cycling to work or cycle safety events with outside speakers, and by displaying information that showcases the benefits of bike riding – things like sending emails, displaying posters, and issuing flyers. The more people hear about cycling’s health benefits and how it can, in fact, change their lives, the more likely they’ll be to give it a try.

Environmentally Friendly 

We know cycling to work is good for us as individuals, but it’s also critical to help society become more sustainable. With more evidence showing the hugely damaging effects of air pollution on people’s health, especially in big cities like London, cycling to work has the added benefit of reducing toxic emissions, which is good for everyone.

You can also engage your employees with the use of imagery and infographics, like the one below, which we designed to capture and promote the benefits of cycling to work.

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