How to successfully re-brand your business

Jan 22, 2016
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printed carriersRe-branding is a process that is undertaken for one of a few different reasons. It might be that you’ve dropped off in terms of sales and brand presence within your industry and think a complete re-branding exercise is order, or you might simply fancy a freshen up to stay at the forefront of your industry. Refreshing and evolving your brand will refresh and reinvent the way you are perceived and treated – which should be positive and profitable.

Take time to consider how the world sees you. Ask about your friends, family and undertake surveys of customers and the public to see how they view your brand. If you are looking to re-brand, consider the following points:

Be genuine

Currently, it’s a time of excessive advertising and a huge marketing noise – of which consumers have recognised, making them more vigilant and aware of all the different advertising methods. A barrage of jargon, misleading information, phony descriptions, never ending terms and conditions among others with instantly turn your customer away.

Try to come across as a credible, fair and respectable brand. Use engaging advertising campaigns and attractive materials that will show that you have quality products or services. If you can humanise your brand, you’ll engage with the consumer at a much more valuable level. Use quality advertising materials, not only in what you broadcast, but in the materials you use. That could be anything from printed carrier bags to your website.

Think and convey your brand like a storyteller. It’s not possible for your customer to know everything about your brand. Who you are and what you stand for are the two most important aspects, of which you should think of ways to announce. What’s the narrative behind your brand? What story do you want to tell your customers? How do you want to tell it to them?

Be specific

A brand makeover or reinvention is perfect for re-evaluating what’s working and what’s not in your business. Is there something you are offering that isn’t doing as well as you’d expected or hoped? Has one of your marketing campaigns really succeeded in achieving results? Don’t think of a brand reinvention as simply tweaking your logo or changing your social banners. It’s a much greater opportunity and should really get you understanding what is and isn’t working in your brand.

Consider your marketing materials in the form of printed carriers, your email marketing, social media and of course, your actual product or service!

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