Hydrostatic Testing

Aug 17, 2011
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Hydrostatic Testing is a way of testing for leaks in hoses, pipelines and plumbing.   The test involves putting water into

hydrostatic testing

hydrostatic testing

the hose / pipe at the right pressure, the water is usually dyed for visibility. This is the most common method used for testing hoses and pipes. Hydrostatic testing is generally carried out to maintain safety standards and durability.  When new hoses and pipes are manufactured they generally go through this process.

Gas pressure vessel such as gas cylinder and boilers are also checked for leaks or flaws using this method, it is extremely important to check as such containers can explode if they fail when they contain compressed gas.

Buckley Industrial has developed one of the most advanced pressure testing facilities available. Their custom built rigs have highly sensitive computer aided tracking equipment which can detect even the smallest of leaks and defects in hose assemblies.

A burst hose can have many detrimental effects both to a personal health and the environment with unwanted emissions. Burst hoses can also be very expensive in the way of loss of production.  It’s always important to schedule regular testing of all equipment to eliminate outages and damage.

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