LED Ribbon Tape-Beautiful and Versatile

Jan 27, 2014
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LED Ribbon Tape | LED Ambiance LightingLED ribbon tape is one of the most popular LED products because it is a thin and highly flexible light source which makes it versatile in its range of applications.


LED lighting is becoming more and more popular in general thanks to being economically smart lighting, environmentally friendly, effective and attractive.


This makes LEDs a smart business product as it leaves inferior forms of lighting such as fluorescents and incandescent in the dust. Despite its initial cost LED lighting such as LED ribbon tape or LED strip lights are in fact cheaper than other forms of light as they waste far less electricity. You will notice a decrease in your monthly electricity bill when you switch to using LEDs as the main source of light in your home. The reduced cost of electricity is thanks to the fact that LEDs do not use filaments. The way a filament bulb works is to produce heat and light as a by-product as electrons are pushed through the thin metal. LEDs are not producing heat as their primary product making them more efficient and effective at what they do. Hence they use less electricity.


Since they use less electricity this means they are also more environmentally friendly as they are using less energy. LEDs are also kinder to the night sky thanks to their directional lighting. Unlike other light sources, which leak light to areas other than the intended space, LEDs only light the area they aim at and very little excess light escapes. If all street lights in the UK were replaced by LEDs the effect would be a major reduction in light pollution, therefore it is small wonder that as the facts become more widely known LEDs grow in popularity.


LEDs are safer as well as being a good economic and environmental choice. The reduced heat produced means overheating and risk of possible fires are very much reduced.


Many believe that if a product has all these environmental and safety advantages it means that it is less effective in its performance but this is not the case with LEDs in fact LED ribbon tape and LED strip lights have high CRI-the ability to vividly reproduce real life colours. They are bright, long lasting and a wide scope of subtle variation in colour and tone of even white light is attainable with LEDS.


LED ribbon tape is a big favourite for commercial LED lighting, residential LED lighting and retail lighting because they are so easy to fit, they can be placed just about anywhere and produce very effective light without the need for bulky lighting fixtures.

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