NLP Master Practitioner Course

May 1, 2012
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The NLP Master Practitioner Course is the next step for those who have completed the basic Practitioner Course. The course will nlp master practitioner courseimprove your understanding of NLP and take a thorough look at the various aspects covered, allowing you to develop new skills and concepts. The NLP Master Practitioner Course develops your ability to communicate and influence, not just successfully but in a multi dimensional and sophisticated way, achieving results for yourself and others.

The NLP Master Practitioner Course covers a comprehensive range of insights, techniques and skills, allowing for accelerated personal development and facilitating increased success at work.

What the course covers:

• Exploring personal values and how to change priorities where required and transform underlying negative emotions.
• Understanding how to successfully model a skill of your choice.
• How to identify Meta Programs (the unconscious filters that determine your experience and how to apply them both professionally and personally).
• Using trance in a variety of innovative ways.
• An introduction to some of the latest developments within New Code NLP.
• Completing a profile giving an insight on how people interact that can diagnose issues in a wide variety of settings.
• Developing and enhancing presentation skills.
• Exploring and practicing coaching skills with a variety of techniques.

The course starts on Saturday October 6th 2012 in Bangor, North Wales. The venue alternates on the weekends from Bangor and Southport.

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