PR Secrets of the Ancients – How History can Teach us about Managing Public Image

Oct 17, 2017
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A PR Agency isn’t the only one who can learn from the Greats.

Public Relations has existed for a very long time. Possibly not in the huge business PR Agency North Wales industry in that it does today, but as a concept it’s very much a part of our cultural DNA. Those in favorable positions have quite often gotten there because they know how to present themselves to the public. There’s a lot to be learned from historical figures whose names are still held in such high regard to this very day. In this article we will be exploring pointers passed down from the greats themselves, as history shares their ancient wisdom. PR in North Wales and in the rest of the world is sure to have been influenced by these great figures, indirectly and directly.

Establishing your point of view

In Ancient Greece 500BC during a time when philosophy and higher thinking were first a ‘point of view’ was first defined by the Sophists, they used philosophy and rhetoric to school the nobility of the old Greek Empire. Of course, today it’s common knowledge that point of view is our outlook and method of thinking on certain matters. With more and more news publications circulated through ever-evolving means. In order to take advantage of this it is imperative to work with a point of view that speaks through a number of media targets, throughout a number of digital and traditional platforms. Your opinion on big issues which affect your industry and on a wider scale sets a tone for what message you want to put across with your content.

The Art of Storytelling

Julius Caesar – Emporer of Rome knew a thing or two about PR

In Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar utilised public perception on how he was the greatest candidate for the sovereign of Rome. Publishing tales of his wartime and political successes, he bolstered public opinion of himself as part of his stratagem win his momentous victory in the election to Consul. Positioning him in the perfect place to transform Rome from a senate arrangement – into an Empire, thus becoming Emperor Julius Caesar. The lesson taken from this is very clear – if no one knows about the good work you are doing, how can you use it to your advantage. It’s the way you tell a story to spread an idea. It’s important you have a link with your wider audience.

Keep it Clean

Socrates believed communications should be based on true accounts. Because of competition, truth bending tactics are quite often implemented in order to spin the story that will benefit you. If you are working in that space between authenticity and farce. In this day and age, transparency and open approach marketing is having a much better and reliable impact in the industry. PR Agency in North Wales.


In late 25th century BC Egypt, author and philosopher Ptahhotep believed in targeting the interests of the audience. This today translates into understanding your media channel’s target audience specific interests. Intimacy will lead to higher levels of interaction, resulting in them sharing it with others and reacting favorable. Remember that if you are too self-indulgent with the content you share then it may be of little value in the end, as it will be more promotional than it is helpful. You aren’t publishing Public Relations work for your own satisfaction, it’s for – well, the Public’s!


If in doubt about what you should be doing, it’s recommended that you refer to experienced PR Consultants North Wales, who have the know-how and experience to present your business to the public properly.

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