Professional and Independent Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluations

Jun 14, 2017
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Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources is typically identification of quantities of petroleum or gas which is anticipated to be commercially recoverable by the act of drilling wells in order to recover said resource. Oil and Gas resources denote quantities of petroleum or natural gas which is estimated along a given date or a timeline to be potentially recoverable by an oil and gas company.

When it comes to selecting an oil and gas reserves and resource evaluation company to identify what exactly your companies’ prospect is worth in the long term, then you’ll want to look for a seasoned company with a long history of such evaluations. To this end, they do not come much more respected within the field than ERC Equipoise, or ERCE.

ERCE Equipoise are a UK based company which specialise in Oil and Gas Reserves and Resource Evaluations, and have built a long and successful history doing so on behalf of a number of organisations from oil and gas companies through to governments.

Featuring very many technical disciplines, ERCE’s Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluation team is multi-disciplined professionals which are seasoned in all aspects of the scope of work which needs to be undertaken in order to get an efficient and accurate assessment of the resources and profitability of your prospect – and calculate oil and gas reserve and resources with industry-leading standards and systems, giving your prospect a certainty which others simply cannot match.

ERCE’s Oil and Gas reserves and resources team are technically skilled, and also have a superior understanding of guidelines and definitions of varying bodies around the world – so you can be assured of compatibility with the location of your prospect. Furthermore, their financial department which is comprised of many gifted economists are fully aware of the rules of stock exchanges on a worldwide basis.


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