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Feb 14, 2017
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Quad Fuels, Domestic Heating OilKerosene (also known as 28 second oil and paraffin) is used as a fuel for both commercial and domestic purposes.  The uses of kerosene range from powering huge jet engines to much smaller-scale tasks, such as fuelling boilers within homes.


There are two different grades of kerosene in the UK, and for domestic heating purposes, you need to purchase Class C2 kerosene – as it is a heavier distillate. Heavy distillate oils have a higher boiling point, and do not ignite as easily as lighter distillates, making them the best choice for domestic heating oil.


In addition to boilers, heating oil in homes can be used to fuel traditional range cookers, such as AGA and Rayburn brand cookers.


Kerosene can be purchased in both standard and premium forms. Premium kerosene is often blended with beneficial fuel additives, which produce a cleaner burn. These additives can also help to increase the shelf life of the fuel, as well as reduce the amount of corrosion within your fuel tank which occurs over time.


If you’ve had issues with soot and sludge build-ups in your tank, premium kerosene can help to break down these deposits – reducing the amount of maintenance your boiler will require in the future.


Purchasing oil from an established oil distributor has a number of benefits. Quad Fuels, an independent distributor who supplies heating oil in North Wales, aims to provide a same-day or next-day oil delivery service to all its customers.


Its team has a combined experience of over 300 years within the industry, meaning that you’ll receive expert and knowledgeable advice on which fuel is best for your requirements.


Quad Fuels also offers a monthly payment plan for domestic oils, meaning you don’t have to pay in one huge wedge for your fuel. Once you’ve had your fuel delivered, the quality service from Quad Fuels doesn’t stop there.


Frequent tank monitoring solutions and tank replacements are also available, ensuring that your fuel and appliances are running at their maximum efficiency at all times.

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