The Rayburn Range Cooker Event in North Wales

Apr 26, 2017
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Nothing’s better than a good range cooker. With so many choices between hundreds of range cookers – dual fuel, gas and electric, it’s never been simpler to choose a range cooker that’s right for you. But when you’re getting a range cooker, you’ll likely want to buy local. For that purpose, RN Williams is a builders and plumbers merchant in St Asaph which offers a variety of range cookers North Wales from a number of leading brands – including Aga, Brittania, Rangemaster, and of course Rayburn.



Rayburn range cookers are considered one of the better brands of such, and is an absolute workhorse which can easily provide excellent meals and heat your home, all without breaking a sweat. Excellent builds are synonymous with this brand – Rayburn are a company which have come from very humble origins, and Rayburn is an ancient brand which was used as the range cooker, heater, and hot water generator of very many country homes.



That’s not to say that Rayburn are stuck in the past. To this day, Rayburn range cookers are proudly made in Shropshire, UK, manufactured by craftsmen just as skilled nowadays as they were back then. Each and every range cooker is lovingly made, and it really shows in the excellent quality of their builds.


Nowadays, Rayburn has all the above, and so much more. Every single Rayburn range cooker boasts solid fuel and A* efficiency when it comes to cooking and heating, and installing one in your home is a very savvy investment. For the environment, running appliances which such measurable efficiency is the best thing ever – and for your wallet, it’s just as great. Interestingly as well, each and every Rayburn range cooker is completely recyclable, with 70% of each and every range cooker made with used materials. Running a Rayburn range cooker is excellent for the environment and for your wallet.


Speaking of Rayburn range cookers, did you know that RN Williams is hosting a sales event, from Saturday the 13th of May from 11am to 3pm. Realistically, to get a Rayburn range cooker, you’ll be looking at £750+ , and then accessories on top. At RN Williams’ Rayburn range cooker sale event, you’ll be pleased to know that you can pick up your Rayburn range cooker and all of the accessories that you need such as griddles, overtop fans – the works – for far less than what would normally be paid – giving you the best of the best product, at a nominal rate.

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