Restaurants in Conwy Worth A Visit Or Two

Oct 18, 2017
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restaurants in Conwy

Whether its a light bite or a full and very formal dinner, the Groes Inn’s unique combination of bar and dining area has you covered. That and the food’s pretty good, too!


When it comes to eating out in North Wales, there’s certainly lots of choice to be had. There’s so many restaurants out there, such as a few really fine restaurants in Conwy, you might feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to the task of making sure that you’re going to a place that can give you the very best experience possible for your hard earned money.


What makes a good experience when you eat out? It’s quite a number of things. For many of us, a great experience is defined by excellent food, stellar standards of service, as well as the restaurant in question making the conscious effort to try harder than their competition can make all the difference. Restaurants in Conwy are a competitive business, after all – and it really helps to know that standards are high.


One of the restaurants that shoot higher than anyone else in the area is the absolutely and entirely beautiful Groes Inn, in Conwy. With changing seasonal menus, attentive staff, as well as its focus on customer satisfaction, the Groes Inn is an excellent place to go out and enjoy food in good surroundings and with good company – any night of the week, whether it is a midweek treat or even a full Sunday lunch in Conwy.


The Groes Inn prides itself on a few things – the first being the high quality of their rooms and their restaurant area. Well, that is to say, areas. The Groes Inn has an amazing idea when it comes to eating spaces which we’re very into– the dining room is a formal restaurant type setting with white table cloths, full cutlery, as well as some really charming pictures. This space is perfect for dining – and we’re certain it can add just the right about of atmosphere to the most formal of dining parties.


The second option is the bar. The bar at the Groes Inn is perfect for informal dining sessions – and the character of the old pub makes the Groes Inn feel comfortable and a wonderful environment to share a meal with those who you care for.

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