About Rock Faced Blocks

Jul 29, 2014
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splitface-720x450Rock Faced Blocks are a special class of architectural block that are reminiscent of Richardsonian Romansque houses that were very popular in the mid 1880s and draw their inspiration from there, these blocks as a result have cemented themselves as a classic style of building brick which is favoured by many designers and builders worldwide.


Rock faced blocks or Splitface walling blocks are incredibly useful building products which have a large number of applications. Their texture is a classic look that you no doubt would have seen countless times. It adds architectural interest to anything it is applied to, be it walls, landscaping and buildings.


The magic of these blocks is undoubtedly the fact that they emulate the look of natural stone, your wall becomes a castle battlement or a mountainside.


There are a very wide variety of textures available, so you can pick and choose which texture blends into the surroundings or fits in a striking manner in relation to your project.


These blocks are produced from local natural aggregates, they produce a very attractive light grey and buff colour.


These rock faced blocks do not require an additional finish of paint, as they are avaliable in a number of different colours and can provide striking aesthetic effortlessly. You can get them in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the required dimensions, which are specific to your project, so it’s best to check it out Monaprecast’s Split Faced Textured Blocks and Rock Faced Concrete Blocks for the full picture.


MonaPrecast can cater for all your rock faced blocks needs, no doubt you’ll be keen to use it with every wall and transform your project into a rock textured paradise.


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