Split Faced Textured Blocks for Architectural Design

Apr 30, 2014
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Split Faced Concrete BlocksSplit faced textured blocks are also known as ‘concrete masonry units’. They are similar to other kinds of concrete block in that they are reliable for a wide variety of construction applications but they also add a much more visually attractive appearance.


Thanks to their attractive surfaces they are often used in design applications and the building of structures where beautiful architectural work is a main feature.


Split faced concrete blocks have a heavily textured surface and this gives them a uniquely individual appearance. They are manufactured by machine-cast, reconstituted stone blocks which are then individually split. This is done to create a surface that resembles a hand-hewn stone affect. This is the element that makes split faced concrete blocks so desirable in carefully designed structures particularly domestic homes and modern commercial buildings where stylish atmosphere is a main aim.


Split faced walling concrete blocks have an irregular texturing allowing more warmth and variation to be communicated in the design of buildings making them a firm favourite with designers. They are manufactured in a wide variety of colours and are ideal to create a rustic stone appearance or a modern clean finish. Other finishes can be added to split faced concrete blocks to give them specific features such as repelling water or preventing erosion via sun exposure.


If you are a builder’s merchant or buying for a construction site anywhere in the UK Mona Precast Split Face Concrete Block Specialists are a great choice of manufacturer. This is because they use natural aggregates in the creation of their textured spilt faced blocks. This is better for the environment and also helps to create a warm, natural stone appearance.

Mona Precast supply split faced concrete blocks in three different sizes and manufacture split faced concrete quoins ( corner blocks) to compliment this range. In addition to this they boast their own transport fleet to deliver the concrete split faced blocks to merchants and construction sites around the UK. They are a well-known, reliable manufacturer based on Anglesey who have supplied concrete materials for key projects in the area including the Welsh National Assembly building in Llandudno Junction.

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