The UK’s Leading Oil & Gas Reservoir Evaluation Firm

Nov 9, 2015
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ERC Equipoise (ERCE) has risen to become one of the UK’s leading, employee owned Oil & Gas Reservoir Evaluation Firms thanks to its many years’ experience in the industry and its utilisation of highly skilled experts and the full spectrum of sub-surface skills.


ERCE was actually formed in 2010 following merger of ERC Energy Resource Consultants Ltd (ERC) and Equipoise Solutions Ltd but the ERC Energy Resource Consultants Ltd was founded back in 1977 so decades of expertise are behind this prestigious firm.


ERCE provide a range of services including:


Unitisation and Redetermination – Field Equity determinations are crucial events and the head directors at ERCE have particular experience in this field, spending much of their careers in equity work. Now the firm has been involved as advisors and experts in over 30 disputes.


Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluation – ERCE staff are often called upon to audit client’s prospect studies, contingent resources evaluations and commercial reserves. They work with dozens of high profile clients every year by generating evaluations for public disclosure and for confidential purposes. Several members of the ERCE staff are registered members with the Society of Petroleum Evaluation engineers (SPEE). This is the leading professional group dedicated to oil and gas Reserves and Resources evaluation.


Oil and Gas Pricing and Analytics – Understanding the real value of your assets is essential and ERCE are highly experienced in commercial modelling.


Oil and Gas Exploration and Appraisal – ERCE are often called upon to run oil and gas prospect studies covering identification, risk and rank as well as provide an independent second opinion on oil and gas prospects and complete bespoke technical pieces of work.


Oil and Gas Field Development Support – This type of service helps clients to understand their assets better so that they can make important technical and financial decisions. Field Development intends to reconcile all available surface, wellbore and facilities/gathering system information. To carry this out ERCE are well versed in static modelling, reservoir simulation, commercial evaluation, well test analysis, rate transient analysis, reservoir attribution mapping, depth conversion and an extensive range of other geology studies.


Operations Support – ERCE offers oil and gas operations support during drilling and testing programmes for a number of clients.


ERCE have a range of supplementary skills at their disposal to aid in the implimentation of their services, such as depth conversion, quantitative geophysics including seismis inversion and reservoir enginnering studies.


To find out more about the value of your oil and gas assets and to engage with ERCE services please contact one of their offices. Their headquarters are based in Croydon and they also have offices in Winchfield and Singapore.


Croydon Office – Tel: 0 20 8256 1150
Winchfield Office – Tel: 0 20 8256 1150
Singapore Office – Tel: +65 6332 5161



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