Why Install GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems?

Feb 2, 2017
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Vehicle Tracking North WalesTransportation companies rely almost entirely on their drivers and vehicles reaching their intended destinations on time. Transportation companies which require their employees to deliver a large volume of packages within a day can benefit from GPS tracking systems in a number of ways.

If you require GPS vehicle tracking North Wales, DJH Communications offer a range of tracking systems to suit your business requirements.


Reductions in Time and Fuel Costs

Working out the quickest and most efficient route to each destination before setting off can save valuable time and money.


It means that your drivers can reach customers as quickly as possible, and reduces their fuel consumption, which in turn will reduce your average monthly operating costs.


Planning routes beforehand also means you can give your customers an accurate timescale of when your drivers will arrive to them, allowing you to offer a truly dedicated and professional service to your customers.


Increased Safety

Drivers who know they are being observed are more likely to adhere to road rules, and drive safer, according to a number of studies. If your drivers are aware of the GPS tracker installed in their vehicle, there’s a good chance they’ll drive more safely.


A GPS tracker can also increase safety in the event that a driver cannot be contacted. If there are concerns for his or her safety, the vehicle can be located rapidly.


If one of your vehicles is an unfortunate victim of theft, a GPS tracker will help to locate the vehicle promptly so the appropriate measures of retrieving the vehicle can be taken as soon as possible.


Reduced Insurance

Often, insurance companies will offer a reduction in insurance premiums if a vehicle tracking device is installed within a vehicle. Once you have a device installed, it is worth contacting your current insurance provider to see what they can do for you.


Data Collection

GPS tracking devices allow you to collect data on where your drivers have been and the timescales that it took them to arrive to their destinations. It allows you to evaluate the job performance of your drivers, and take action where necessary.


This digital data collection also means that yourself and your drivers will have much less paperwork to fill in, as all of their driving times and distances are stored within the tracker.

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