What Is CCTV And How Does It Work?

Jan 30, 2020
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If you’re looking at CCTV installation North Wales or CCTV installation Pwllheli then its best to understand more on what it means, and how it all works. Speaking to a specialist can help determine the perfect system for you. 

CCTV stands for ‘Closed-Circuit Television’. This is a closed-circuit system, meaning that the signal is not openly transmitted (or openly shared) like it is with broadcast television. The video cameras only share the footage back to the monitors it is linked to. 

CCTV is a video method where cameras are specifically placed to record video images, and have these sent back for viewing to a monitor, or monitors, with only a small number of people able to access the footage. The system will consist of a monitor, a recorder, a camera and a lens. The cameras picks up the images, which are then sent to the recording device, and lastly to a monitor. 

It is primarily used for surveillance and security purposes. It can be used to monitor both public security and property security. This can also be used to investigate and prevent crime.

CCTV North Wales is legal when it complies with guidelines set out by the authority. If you want to install CCTV on your own property you do not need permission, but you are required to tell your neighbours. If you are renting the property, you should also check with your landlord. Finally, if you are using CCTV cameras within your business, you must tell the staff that they are being recorded. 

You are obliged to get a license from the SIA (Security Industry Authority) if you work as an operative who uses CCTV to monitor the actions of a member of the public in a public or private place, or if identifying a particular person. The application for this license is £210 for a three year license. 

There are many different types of CCTV cameras including; Dome CCTV Camera, Night Vision/Infrared CCTV, Bullet CCTV Cameras, Wireless CCTV Cameras, HD CCTV, Network/IP CCTV, and even Thermal Heat Detection CCTV cameras. Most CCTV cameras do not record audio, but some have the ability to. 

To work out how much a CCTV system would cos for your home or business, you would have to book a full site survey. This figure can depend on the size of the house/building, the number of cameras, and the type of CCTV you are looking to get installed. 

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