Why You Should Take Care of Your Gum Health

Mar 16, 2021
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One thing to do with your oral health which should never be overlooked, that is just as important as your teeth, are your gums. 

Your gums are the part of your mouth responsible for keeping your teeth secure and in line. Without proper care and a good daily routine, you could be facing issues, even as far as losing some of your teeth!


Are my gums healthy?

How can we tell if our gums are healthy? This is a very good question and has a pretty straightforward answer. 

Healthy gums should usually be relatively unnoticeable, meaning they are not causing you any pain or discomfort, and they are the correct healthy shade of pink. This colour indicates that blood flow is efficient. 

Your gums should be firm to touch, and not painful when you do so. 


What indicates unhealthy gums?

There are a few tell-tale signs which could indicate that your gum health is not up to scratch, and you are at risk of developing gum disease. If you have any of these symptoms, you should look into taking better action with your everyday oral health routine, and potentially take a visit to your dentist. These signs include the following; 

  • Sore and tender gums
  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding gums when you brush your teeth
  • Gums which are a darker shade or red
  • Receding gumline
  • Loosened and wobbly teeth

If you have any of symptoms 1-4, then it is advised that you properly clean your teeth twice a day, and maintain a good oral hygiene routine. If symptoms do not improve, then you should visit your dentists Caernarfon. For symptoms 4 & 5, you should make an appointment to see your dentist right away. 


What contributes to gum disease?

There are a number of factors that contribute to gum disease occurring. This includes the following;

  • Smoking tobacco and drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Not brushing your teeth well enough and neglecting the gums
  • Not using floss or interdental brushes to get trapped food bits
  • A high sugar diet
  • Medication that causes a dry mouth
  • Dehydration


How do I take care of gum disease?

Most of us will develop gum disease at some point – all it takes is a short period of not following our oral health routine – such as when we’re extremely ill. This isn’t a huge deal, as we can often revert back to good health easily. 

Visiting your dentist for a hygienist appointment twice a year is good practice for keeping your whole oral health in check. These appointments are a great opportunity to ask about how you can improve your routine.

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