WiFi for Hotels is a Modern Accommodation Essential

Sep 17, 2014
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WiFiYou might not notice you’re doing it but you’ve no doubt been researching somewhere to stay overnight only to find that it has no internet access and therefore baulk at the idea of booking a room.


WiFi is a modern day necessity that we all take for granted so when you are away from home, you’d still like to be able to access the web at quicker speeds than often patchy mobile data networks can provide. If you’re a hotel owner, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be looking at getting it installed for your business.
They say that the devil is in the details when it comes to pleasing your guests and getting great feedback. All the condiments, clean facilities and warm receptions can amount to nothing if you don’t keep your guests happy and particularly if they are tech-savvy, they will want access to the net so they can browse, socialise and work away from home.
Having this small addition to your establishment can give back to the business in the long run. Studies have shown that visitors are more likely to stay extra nights if they have home comforts and you can also nudge them towards special addresses with a custom login page. This could be a great benefit to you as once the customer logs in to your network, the first webpage they see could be something that you set up, such as your own website or what kind of special meals the restaurant is serving. It could be a great little marketing tool.
If you’re worried about cost then there’s no need to worry – pricing is quite leveraged when you consider how much you spend on other amenities. WiFi  for hotels will improve the customer experience and especially so if you set up a high quality one with a business that knows what they’re doing.
Livetech are one such business based in North Wales who have previous experience with setting up wireless networks. If you want more information on their services, please call them on 01492 581131 or email info@livetech.co.uk.

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